At Ryetech, we are highly experienced in the design and installation of all types of Access Control Systems, from single door control to multiple door solutions.

  • An access control system will increase the protection of your staff, your customers, your building and your property.
  • We can provide all types of access control systems including audio and video intercom, key pad entry, proximity fob, card entry, state of the art biometric technologies such as finger print or eye scanning systems.
  • Tailor your own individual requirements from one door solutions to full multi-door and multi-user PC based systems.
  • Permit or restrict access to any part of your building to individual personnel and track the movements of all personnel within your building.
  • Integrate your CCTV and Access Control to allow for remote viewing and total control over your system which can be accessed from your home PC or over your computer network.
  • Your Access Control System can also be used to enable you to collect data on the time and attendance of all staff and guests.

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